Monday, May 2, 2016

Mini Laptops at Wholesale Prices

Mini laptops are becoming more and more popular in recent days. They come as the alternatives to the regularly sized laptops which are also more expensive to most people. People may prefer this kind of laptop considering that they cost less to purchase but they can already be used for working purposes as well as browsing the internet. Even better, they can also be purchased at wholesale prices.

Due to their popularities, this kind of laptop is being offered by manufacturers in a wide variety of features and low prices with the possibility of wholesale prices as mentioned earlier. The technology that supports the mini laptops is now much more reliable compared to that of the earlier models.

The company of ECS, or the Elitegroup Computer Systems, for example, is one of the computer manufacturers which is now also trying their lucks in the business of such kind of laptops while at the same time trying to offer the products at wholesale prices.

ECS is even now trying to offer customers this kind of laptops with the capability of 3G service that has already been built into the mini laptops. This kind of mini laptops are able to access the internet by taking advantage of the features which are called as the HSDPA and the HSUPA, which stand for High Speed Downlink Packet Access and High Speed Uplink Packet Access respectively.

The built-in 3G technology that is offered by ECS is an innovative one since the other brands which are currently available on the market will require an add-on card to make the use of 3G possible with such kind of laptops.

However, ECS was not able to hold the position of the only manufacturer which offers 3G in their product for a very long time. Asustek has also come with wholesale prices into the lines of such manufacturers. And there is a good chance that the products that are manufactured by Asustek are able to use the SIMM card from certain communication operators as well.

ECS as well as Asustek are not the only manufacturers that deal in the business of the mini laptops. There is the other manufacturer which is known as the FIC. This FIC does not want to miss the chance of manufacturing such mini laptops with 3G capability either. There is also a good chance that the FIC is giving out their products at wholesale prices.

If a customer feels interested and would like to buy mini laptops, it is also possible for them to obtain one such laptop from a manufacturer which is based in China and is known as Jinghong Industrial Co., Ltd. The customer may also be able to obtain one from another company which is also based on China, known as the Shenzen Huazu Electronics Co., Ltd. The latter requires a minimum order of as many as 300 pieces before the customers will be able to buy the products at wholesale prices.

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